They say that women first think with their heart. And that their intuitions are rarely wrong. The female sixth sense is our compass. Shows us the way. Guides us in life and work. We are not infallible, but in everything we do we put our heart.

Valentina and Selena, two young professionals who set up a freelance creative couple, have created Cuor Business. CB is a virtual communication studio, which puts itself up for external consultancy for companies, agencies and other professionals to develop marketing plans, graphic, web, advertising and much more. The idea behind Cuor Business is to offer the services, support and reliability of a traditional agency, without being tied-up to a the constraint of a permanent structure. The result is a valuable, slender, flexible, motivated and low-cost external support. A perfect partner to plan and closely monitor any project.

“In women everything is heart,
even the head.”
Jean Paul Richter